Thursday, April 4, 2013

Armie Hammer could be the new Batman in JLA flick??

The Dark Knight Rises marked the end of the cinematic Batman we’ve known and loved for years, and with Christopher Nolan hammering down any rumors of a potential return to the Batman franchise or involvement with Justice League, it’s time for someone else to step into the shadows.
Just over a month ago, rumors rolled in with talk of Warner Bros. and DC Entertainment moving ahead with Justice League as their next tentpole DC film after next year’s Man of Steel and that it would serve as the platform to reboot and reintroduce Batman, as opposed to launching another solo film first (for Bats and the rest of the Justice League roster).

MovieHole has the scoop which claims Warner Bros. is very interested (again) in Armie Hammer putting on the cape and cowl as The Dark Knight in Justice League, their own superhero team-up that’ll compete with Marvel Studios’ The Avengers, potentially in the same year as The Avengers 2 (2015).

We will see Armie this summer as the Lone Ranger, costarring with Johnny Depp.  Im not sold at all on Hammer donning the cape and cowl.  Lets hear what you think about this possibility.

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